CIMT2021 AT&M Six Nine looks forward to your visiting E8-B413

On November 26-29, 2019, the first Dawan Industrial Expo was held in Shenzhen International Holdings International Convention and Exhibition Center (new hall). Our company exhibited at booth 2M25 for 4 days, showcasing coating targets for the hard coating industry to professional visitors, mainly including cutting tools, molds, components, and high-end decorative coating target products. The successful conclusion of the DMP exhibition is inseparable from the hard work of all employees of AT&M Six Nine, and we are also very grateful for the support and attention of new and old customers to AT&M Six Nine. We will continue to improve and strive for excellence.

More than 1700 enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions, such as Germany, Japan, the United States, South Korea, China, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong, China, participated in the Expo, demonstrating new products and technologies in the fields of numerical control machine tools, intelligent manufacturing systems, industrial robots, sheet metal lasers, mold manufacturing, Industrial internet of things, industrial measurement, 3D printing, and digital chemical plants. This is also the first large-scale industrial technology professional exhibition held after the opening of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, with an exhibition scale of 200000 square meters
As one of the focuses of China's coating industry, South China has emerged a number of top coating enterprises in the industry, making important contributions to the development of the coating industry in China and even the world. AT&M Six Nine participated in the first Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo in Shenzhen, and achieved fruitful results. More than 50 companies have received and communicated with us. In addition to discussing the commonly used targets in the market, customers are particularly interested in our new products and research on film layers. Several customers have confirmed plans to start cooperation with our company in the future on new film layers and targets.
On September 16-20, 2019, Hannover, Germany, which is renowned as the "International Exhibition Capital", held a grand exhibition called EMO Hannover 2019, which has attracted the attention of the global machinery manufacturing industry. As the main venue of EMO Hannover 2019, Hannover has opened 17 exhibition halls, with a total exhibition area of over 180000 square meters. Over 2200 exhibitors from around the world showcased their innovative solutions, and over 117000 professional visitors from over 150 countries and regions worldwide participated in this metal processing world event.

Our company's exhibition booth is 11-C62, which focuses on showcasing our coating targets for the hard coating industry, mainly including cutting tools, molds, components, high-end decoration, and target products for medical component coatings. For five consecutive days of exhibitions, we received over thirty terminal customers and had sufficient communication and strength demonstration with target customers, receiving high praise from customers.

With over 15 years of accumulation in target material research and development and production, some customers have identified their required products and signed test orders at the exhibition site. At the same time, they have conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the latest technologies and trends in various segmented markets. This exhibition showcases the strength of PVD target enterprises from Beijing, China, and lays an important foundation for the international sales process of AT&M Six Nine.