Company organizes employees to carry out outdoor expansion activities

A strong team must be based on full cognition and running-in between each other, and be able to integrate into the corporate culture and common value chain on the premise of ensuring individuality. Therefore, in order to enrich the cultural life of our employees, create a healthy and upward cultural atmosphere, enhance team cohesion, and strengthen the construction of our staff team. In early August 2019, the company organized core employees to carry out outdoor expansion activities in Fengning Bashang grassland. Unity and cooperation, unity and win-win are the themes of this expansion activity.

DActivities, everyone was divided into several teams through free grouping, and the team leaders were selected respectively. After that, the team participated in the carefully designed expansion projects under the leadership of their respective team leaders. In the process of cross-cutting expansion experience, the team members conquered the projects that were once considered impossible to complete. After each project, everyone shared the joy of success and the passion of challenge, fully realized the management consciousness and art closely related to work, such as team trust, effective communication, empathy, reasonable organization, leadership, execution and teamwork. During the activity, everyone actively participated, faced difficulties, boldly challenged themselves, the team members cheered each other, encouraged each other, overcame psychological obstacles, did not escape and did not give up, all the teams successfully completed all the expansion projects.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious barbecue dinner and fireworks display in the evening. During the barbecue process, everyone had a clear division of labor. Some people started a fire, some handled the ingredients, some placed the barbecue grill, and cooperated with each other. They were very busy!took advantage of the exuberant charcoal fire and the barbecue officially kicked off. Everyone's enthusiasm also made the dinner full of laughter, the entire barbecue field submerged in a sea of joy. Finally, in a beautiful fireworks display, the outdoor expansion activity was successfully concluded.

This activity effectively enhanced the courage and self-confidence of the participating employees, and enhanced the employees' sense of unity and cooperation. At the same time, through mutual exchanges and learning, everyone realized the importance of mutual trust, teamwork and being good at innovation. It will play a positive role in improving the company's work efficiency, enhancing communication and coordination among various centers, and improving execution.