COVID-19 prevention and control work and resumption of work

Spring Festival, the country sounded the alarm of the new coronavirus pneumonia COVID-19. We attached great importance to the COVID-19 prevention and control work as the current primary task. It organized forces as soon as possible and set up a prevention and control leading group headed by General Manager Zhang Fengge. According to the requirements of Beijing and Zhuozhou City, combined with the relevant documents of the Office of the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters, we formulated the COVID-19 prevention and control work plan and emergency plan, and clarified the responsibilities of the persons in charge of the COVID-19 prevention and control work.

A number of measures to strengthen prevention:

Check the employees in place, grasp the whereabouts of each employee in the past 14 days, and notify the employees who come back from other places that they can return to the company only after they are unharmed during the 14-day observation period. During the observation period, they can work from home, and register the situation to ensure that no one is left behind. Pay close attention to the physical health and psychological state of the personnel stranded in Hubei and other provinces, and timely dredge them so as to be isolated and not separated from love.

To formulate ventilation, disinfection and sanitation management measures in public places, to carry out disinfection and prevention treatment twice a day for office areas, dormitories and toilets in the factory area, to place disinfection wet wipes in the office, and to place hand sanitizer in toilets and public areas to ensure the safety of the regional environment; Adjust the office space, adjust adjacent and similar positions, and keep a safe distance; Take scattered dining, wrong time dining, and avoid collective dining; try to replace offline meetings with online meetings such as WeChat and video and audio to reduce personnel gathering.

Set up gate checkpoints, require people to wear masks and check their body temperature one by one.

Is widely publicized online and offline. Offline posting and distributing COVID-19 prevention publicity, actively guiding employees to cancel outings and gatherings, and continuously strengthening employees' awareness of COVID-19 prevention; online use of WeChat groups and other networks to push official policies, mainstream media COVID-19 prevention news and scientific protection knowledge to ensure that the new coronavirus prevention and control publicity is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.